Frequently Asked Questions

What is the idea behind UnMuted?

UnMuted is a voice raising platform in the form of a mobile application for citizens to report civic issues encountered in the city; governments to track, manage, and solve - ultimately making cities better through transparency, collaboration, and cooperation.

UnMuted is based on community phenomenon and thus leverages the power of voice. It enables each one of us to be loud and clear. Your voice is going to be heard not just by responsible authorities but everyone in the community.

How does the app work?

All you have to do is use your phone to click a picture of any civic issue that you face and post it on UnMuted. The app is intuitive and automatically takes the location of the issue based on geo-sensing sytem. You can classify the issue into one of the categories as defined in the app. You can also browse the issues posted by others in a particular locality/area. And you can even vote for an issue reported by others which would reinforce the criticality of the problem.

There goes your contribution towards making the city you live in beautiful!

Do I have to pay for using this App?

UnMuted is available for free. It can be downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play.

Do I have to register to report an issue?

Yes, you have to make one-time registration with UnMuted to report issues. And it’s simple. You can register using your existing e-mail ID or your facebook account. However, you can always browse issues reported by others even without registration.

What can be reported using UnMuted?

With UnMuted you can report any civic issue that you face in your city – it can be pothole, dump of garbage, a broken streetlight or a fallen tree. These are just examples of issues that you can report using UnMuted and not a comprehensive list. Broadly, you can report any problem that you encounter within the realm of civic amenities.

What is the privacy setting on UnMuted?

All issues reported by you along with the photographs and other information are public which means it is visible to everyone using this app.

Who fixes the problems I report?

Most often, it’s the relevant local civic organization of the city/state or the governance body that responds to issues. Overall, it’s a matrix of people and organizations who attend to civic issues you encounter, and often there are many more voluntary organizations that help make a difference in their communities. When they receive notification of a particular issue that falls under their responsibility, it enables these organizations to resolve the issue or to make a positive change.

UnMuted as a platform, congregates the voice of the people and becomes the key resource pool for these organizations and local governance systems which are engaged in managing and resolution of issues.

Where does the name come from?

The concept of UnMuted is to provide a voice-raising platform. All of us face and get affected by civic issues. Until the concern is voiced on a common platform, it is mute. Along comes this app, provides a common platform to all of us for sharing and raising our concerns. And woo hoo! Unmuted it is.

Can I delete my account on UnMuted?

Sure you can. But who would?

But in case; if you still like to delete or deactivate your account, please send us an e-mail on OR you can use "Write to us/ Feedback" option from menu.