Power of Voice

The interweaving social fabric that forms a society is stronger when people are engaged in governance. Loud and clear voice of citizens in unison cannot go unheard and has a deep impact towards social change. This brings out the need for a common platform, a platform shared by all, to voice their opinion and be heard. It is important that some such ‘space’ is created in society.

As philosophical as it may sound, but in recent past we have all witnessed, for real, the power of collective voice having national impact, be it India, Egypt or the more recent case of Bangladesh. What we saw in Egypt, Libya and other countries around, needs no narration. Bangladesh also recently witnessed an enormous youth revolt against fundamentalist beliefs. The role of a platform for people to come together and have their say is stark obvious. It was not the dissent among people that was new, it was the newly found avenue to vent out the dissent ‘collectively’ and ‘publicly’ that had the power. What is common in all these instances is the presence of a platform which facilitated sharing information and leveraged the intrinsic power of everyone to have a larger impact.

Whether it is Egypt or the recent youth uprising in Bangladesh, we are seeing societies changing with people making their opinions and ideas heard at the local level, in elected local government and other state bodies, in civil society organizations, and in public spaces.

Each one of us is a change maker!

Likewise, there’s scope of significant change everywhere around us. To begin with, the city we live in! It forms a major part of our daily lives. We can make our cities better for us to live in; in fact, we must contribute to make this change. Imagine you are walking on the road and encounter a pothole which bugs you to core and you have the power to do something about it instead of walking past it. How about you click a picture of the pothole and are able to report it to civic authorities of the city?

UnMuted is a voice raising platform for citizens to report civic issues, governments to track, manage, and solve – ultimately making cities better through transparency, collaboration, and cooperation. UnMuted helps citizens to become sensor of information and help local civic governance bodies perform efficiently by crowdsourcing civic issues. It is in the form of a smartphone app that lets you to report issues in real time thereby enabling you to voice your concern on a public platform. Here is a social action platform that empowers people to collectively voice concern for social good. UnMuted represents an historic step toward creating better, beautiful cities.

In case of Egypt and Bangladesh, we just saw the power of collective voice of people being expressed on a common platform! Which, nothing, but reinforces that your voice really has the power to make a difference!

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